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Quiz on Notary Commission Renewal

It’s a time to start fresh and make changes — and for many Notaries, it’s time to prepare to renew commissions. But sometimes mistakes and misunderstanding can lead to a new commission being delayed, or even putting a hold on performing notarial acts. take this quiz and test your understanding of the commission renewal process.
1. If your old commission expires before you receive your renewal:
A. You can perform acknowledgments, but not administer verbal oaths or affirmations

Certified copy by notary

There are situations where a company or business may need a person or business to send them an authentic copy of document(s) Fortunately notaries can help, by performing for the customer or business a Certified copy by notary. This involves the customer bringing the document to the notary, then the notary must physically make a copyof the document(s) ( using a copier machine etc) of the document, from there the document copy(s) and or attached notary certificate has to be notaized . Thats how a certified copy by notary is done. This ensures the requestor of the document, the public, and the person sending the copy that it is legitimate, thats another reason why its important for notaries to always get a proper photo ID that is current from the person needing items notarized. Notaries are 3rd party unbiased individuals there to ensure the person(s) are who they say they are and that those parties actually did sign the documents.

Erros and Omissions Insurance, it can save both notary and public

Many notaries throught the nation do not have Errors and Omissions insurance which protects the customer/public in cases where a notary made a error or forgot t ( ommitted ) information on a document , be it a jurat, acknowledgement, oath, affadavit etc.  If this causes the customer financially the notary who is covered with an Errors and Ommissions insurance policy can have it paid ( up to the ammount of coverage on the policy which typically is $50,000 or $100,000)  so it also helps the notary because now the notary who made such an error or ommission does not have to pay out of their own pocket.

Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification

.Just got offered a new job but need to complete form I-9, Employment Eligibilty Verification by notary? Give us a call, at (678)558-3469 ATL NOTARY.COM 2710 Jefferson St. suite # 6 Austell, Ga 30168. Mobile Notary service may also be available if you cannot get to our place and live within our service areas. There is a travel fee services as well as for Form I-9 completion by notary public fees. So give us a call
Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification

Is Toys for Tots a worthy cause you believe in?

Do you think the Marines and Toys for TOTS is a worthy cause during Christmas season?

Notary Court Swear ins

Did you now many state courts require that a Notary Public swear in persons givng testimonies or oaths over the phone or if the person is living outside the state where the trial is being held? Did you or someone you know ever have to do this or may need this now?

Law states all persons signiture being notarizied must appear before the notary

Often people seeking documents to be notarized but may not have time or
be present seek to have documents notarized even though they are not there to show who they are and acknowledge the signing of the document to be notarized.  This is a violation of the Georgia notary law, and is the basic and most fundamental law.  Too ask a notary to do this is asking him or her to break the law even if its a notary you know and who knows you.  It may be a little deal to you or some of the public but in the eyes of the Law of Georgia its breaking the law.

Ever wanted a notary to notarize when you or someone else did not sign in person?

Have you ever wanted a notary to notarize a document that you or another person was not present to sign?

Have you ever been in need of a notary at night after hours?

You forgot to get your divorce papers notarizied before 5pm and your divorce lawyer informed you to make sure you get them notarized and have them notarized and signed by 8pm. Where do you go to get those papers notarized after 5pm?