- MOVING TO ATL - Austell, GA
So you want to move to Atlanta,Ga?
Hi so you have visited or maybe heard about nice things in Atlanta, Ga and have decided you want to move here. Welcome but let me give you some tips that may help you when moving here. Drivers License: Get it as soon as possible if you want to establish residency fast, its often a good thing to do because many programs,school tuition,benefits etc require at least least a year of being an official Georgia resident/tax payer. Theres also an automobile registration fee called Ad Volure which is in many cases very high and is needed to register your car in the county you live in within Atlanta or its suburbs. Maybe several hundred dollars depending on how expensive and what year your car is.
Environment: Atlanta and its suburbs is one of thee worst places in the nation for allergy sufferers. Theres lots of ragweed, dogwood, pollens ( Just wait till late March to mid April when plants and trees pollenate, greenish yellowish stuff everywhere. Often people who do not have allergies develope them over the years if not right away. Its rough on kids especially. Smog is high too and there is a auto ommissions test required each year or every two years.  Yes traffic is horrible especially during rush hours so get your patience and driving skills together. I-75 , I-85, I-20 and 285 are parking lots a lot of the time. Crime is high also here in Atlanta just like most big cities. But Atlanta has a lot of good things that millions who move here put up with the traffic. Also you can get a little relief in most of the suburbs but its rough in many of those too.
Housing: Rent is not too bad but its not cheap either be it an apartment or home, but once again Atlanta is worth it too many who live here. Theres a lot of forclosed homes in Atlanta too so if you have good credit and money for a home you can find GREAT deals on a new home or old home. Atlanta has been ranked high or #1 in forclosures lately.
Schools: Theres plenty of schools for the kids here, but the counties have run on hard times due to lack of a tax base from people loosing there homes and some schools have had to close or double up on children to stay within budget.
Mass Transit: Atlanta city limits has MARTA a rail and bus system, however many of the counties that make up a large population of the greater Atlanta area do not have local bus systems so MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD CAR IN ATLANTA/SUBURBS. Especially if you are a New Yorker or from DC, Boston and are used to riding the train or bus and may not even had to own a car. More to come later on this subject and others stay tuned!
 Atlanta will soon have street cars up and running in selected areas in downtown Atlanta scheduled to start routes in summer 2014 actually they were suppose to start in July 2014 but a delay has slowed the opening.
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