ATL NOTARY.COM is here for you! Our talented staff is available, please call our phone number for more information. PROPER & CURRENT ID required. Georgia notary law and nearly all other states  notary laws requires that all individuals  signing or acknowledging that a signature is there on a document must appear IN PERSON before the notary, provide a current government ID that is current, official and the image must look like you.Telephone calls from an individual not present is not acceptable by Georgia notary law.
ATL NOTARY.COM REQUIRES VALID & CURRENT PHOTO ID, such as Passport or Drivers license
''BRING YOUR WITNESSES: Check your documents and forms to see if you need to have one or more witness come with you to sign and verify the documents in the presence of the NOTARY! Sometimes forms require several witnesses. Your witness must be 18 yrs of age at least and bring a valid, current ID no expired Identification per Georgia law.  Notary Laws in Ga. also states persons need to present a current photo ID. We may or may not have an unbiased witness available. To ensure smooth notarizations in case of mistakes please try to bring in copies of the documents you need notarized.
Other forms of ID for GAPS Livesan ONLY NOT FOR NOTARY ID click to enlarge
ALL SIGNERS MUST BE PRESENT: Law requires all signers no matter what to be present before the notary this is so important We mentioned it in two areas on this page.. Present means personally appearing before the notary at /on 
day of the signing or acknowledging of notarization of documents.
Credit/ Debit Credit cards accepted for payment EXCEPT for Gemalto livescan fingerprinting office appointments. However for those who want to pay for the mobile service payments are paid in advance to lock in the date with a non refundable payment by contacting us and paying by email or over the phone using a credit card. 
Travel Fees Notary/Fingerprints
 For GAPS Cogent live scan fingerprint for  
$20 a month cancel anytime, Legal issues Insurance that works go to , look for faded button at lower bottom right corner of page, then after that click buy now to purchase You or your employer must register prior to coming to our print location at www.GA.COGENTID.COM printout your receipt it has the GAPS Registration ID#, if you register using your social security# its another way we can bring up your file and software to fingerprint you via Live scan, payment must be made by either your job or agency or you as an individual. Payment for this service which rules and fees are set by the state of Georgia and not by ATL Notary must be paid by either a credit card/debit card or select money order in the drop down window on the application and bring in a money order for the amount that shows on the screen in the summary of your transaction. NO CASH FOR GAPS, NO CHECKS no matter what anyone says at your job or an organization , We cannot accept cash or checks for GAPS LIVESCAN and cannot fingerprint you if that is all you bring. Sorry not our call on this.