- SAFE DRIVING - Austell, GA
marta train and busAs you can imagine traffic is bad here in Atlanta, be safe on the roads, make sure your brakes are in proper working order on your vehicle.  Be careful crossing streets dont assume the driver is looking out for you as many people have been hit by autos over the years crossing streets. When driving on the interstate or major highways, roads , often traffic can come to a dead stop so if your speeding you may be slamming on the breaks pretty hard and end up in hitting someones car.  Be especially careful when its rush hour, but it can happen at any time not that it happens each time you drive but watch it around bends or road you cant see far on. . Take the mass commuter train system known as M.A.R.T.A  if you are not in the city in particular, its a smart, less hectic way of getting around north and south of the city and to some extent east and west but the east west line is limited on MARTA.  The train is good for attending major sporting events, like NFL games played here by the Atlanta,Falcons at the Georgia Dome football stadium, also Georgia Tech college has a stadium downtown near the campus for its ACC home game matchups , also NBA Atlanta Hawks games played at Phillips Arena can be really conjested going to and from the game, and if you are running late,,,,, FORGET ABOUT IT, you wont see tip off or kickoff, plus parking will cost you $10 to $20 dollars at least. 
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